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Cornerstone Family Counseling, LLC

Are you dealing with stress or depression? Have you been unable to move on from a traumatic life event? Do you find yourself dealing with rough marital or family problems that have started to take a toll on your relationship? Sometimes, we need more than a friend to help us through these things. At Cornerstone, our gifted and caring therapists will provide a guiding hand in helping you to overcome the obstacles that are weighing you down.

What We Do

At Cornerstone Family Counseling, we do so much more than counseling. We empower our patients to find their inner strength. With five clinically licensed counselors, we offer a variety of services ranging from anxiety and depression to marital and couples counseling to childhood traumas to victims of sexual abuse. In addition to the normal services, two of our counselors are specially trained in EMDR Therapy or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. At Cornerstone, we pride ourselves on creating an environment of respect, privacy, and comfort. We're here to help and eager to start supporting you on your journey.

Who We Are

Lindsey Adams
Lindsey AdamsLCSW, EMDR Therapist
Maranda Herbert-Stachyra
Maranda Herbert-StachyraLCSW, EMDR Therapist